woman. is a new Los Angeles-based collective, formed to create a breakthrough space - defined, conceptualized, curated and produced by some of the industry’s boldest female voices.

woman. is founded by and created for women as a reaction to and reflection of our ever-changing social, professional and political landscapes and lives at the cross-section of what is right, what is fun and what is beautiful.

woman. is taking aim at the traditionally male-defined and dominated model of Hollywood nightlife by creating something truly unique, disruptive and distinctively inclusive.

woman. is part of a new narrative and the next horizon as we turn our collective conversations on empowerment, unity and responsibility into action.

woman. is an embodiment of our collective vision, our dreams and our aspirations as women and for women... but Most importantly, it’s our hope that our spaces and projects envelop and inspire anyone who chooses to hold space with us.